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The Tailhook Association
Ready Room Schedule

Ready Room




NAS Pensacola   2014-2015 Mustin Beach O'Club 4th Friday / Monthly CAPT Chris 'Millhouse' Middleton
(850) 452-3614
Monterey   Trident Room in Hotel Del Monte
in NSA Monterey
3rd Wednesday / Monthly CAPT Rich 'Coyote' Wiley
(831) 656-2273
Washington D.C.   2014-2015 King Street Blues Crystal City 4thsup> Thursday / Monthly Mike Concannon
Virginia Beach   2014-2015 Tapped Gastropub 1st Thursday / Monthly Seamus 'Flats' Flatley
Mile High Ready Room  
Colorado Springs
Fox and Hound Bar and Grill Last Wednesday / Monthly
Roy Rogers
(775) 230-870
Orange County   2014-2015 Garden Grove Elks Lodge
11551 Trask Ave
3rdsup> Thursday / Monthly Ray LeCompte
San Diego   2014-2015 San Diego Air and Space 4th Thursday / Monthly 'Spike' Prendergast
North California/Nevada
Alameda Point (ex-NAS)
USS Hornet Museum
Quarterly meetings Capt Craig Thomas
(415) 454-1275